How much money should I place per tip?
This is one of the first questions we are usually asked. There is no answer to this question in definite quantity.
Every client should decide how much they can invest. Based on this amount, you are able to determine how much you should play per tip. We recommend to place 5-10% of your total investment per tip, preferably 5%.
Each client should decide her/his capabilities, how much money she/he is willing to invest and how much money she/he is hoping to make.
We provide an average of 15-20% ROI with around 25-35 tips per month.

Use the same stake per each tip. Our system is built on a flat betting system.

If you are not sure of how to calculate your stake per tip, please contact us and we will walk you through it.

How much money could I make per month using your service?
Again, the answer to this question depends on each client overall investment and stake per tip. On average, we make about 15-25% ROI (Return on investment) with 25-35 tips per month. A client, following our tips, should make about 10 points per months. The exact profit should depend on the client's stake.

What is ROI?
ROI: Return on Investment.

It is the best indicator of the success rate of any investment (or business). It determines how much money you make as a ratio of how much money you invested.

We use this metric to determine the success of our tips. We calculate this metric for each month, as well as for the overall tips we have provided. You can check our ROI per each month here

Which market do you use for your tips?
Our tips are mainly in the Asian Handicap market. This is the most interesting market and which can provide great profit, if you understand it well. We sometime have tips in the FT score market or over/under market, but you will usually find most of the tips are in the asian handicap market.

It is important to understand the Asian Handicap market, to be able to follow our website and understand your winnings. We have a brief explanation below.

Make sure, you are playing in the Asian handicap market and not other handicap markets (such as the European Handicap market, which has different rules).

What is the Asian Handicap market?
The Asian Handicap market is another way to bet on the full time score of a match, but with putting different weights for teams who are not balanced. It provides a way to bet on one team winning with more than a certain number of goals or in the opposite sense, betting on a team losing with not more than a certain number of goals.

Example: Two teams are playing each other. Home team is much stronger than away team. Then, the bookmakers can offer an asian market such as the following:
Home asian -1.5 @ X and Away asain +1.5 @ Y.

This means, if you bet on home team (Home asian -1.5), you need the home team to win by 2 goals or more for your bet to win. If home team wins by only 1 goal or home team does not win, your bet loses.

On the other hand, if you bet on away team in this asian market (Away asian +1.5), for your bet to win, you need the away team to lose by only 1 goal, or a draw match or away team to win.

Basically, you add the number (+ve or -ve) of the asian market to the number of goals of the team you bet on. If the team wins after the addition, your bet wins.

One last point, Asian Handicap market differs from other market (such as FT market) in that a bet in the asian market has more than 2 outcomes (Win or Loss). The outcome of a bet in Asian Handicap market can be Win or Loss as well as other outcomes such as void, half-win or half loss.

If you bet on a team asian -1.0 and that team wins by 1 goal difference, the outcome of your bet will be void.
If you bet on a team asian -0.75 (-0.5, -1.0) and that team wins by 1 goal difference, the outcome of your bet will be half-win.
If you bet on a team asian +0.75 (+0.5, +1.0) and that team loses by 1 goal difference, the outcome of your bet will be half-loss.

You can read more about this market here.

When do you send the tips?
We work almost all day all week to find you the best tips (Basically 24/7). There is always one of our tipsters analyzing matches to get you the best tips. We can never know when we are getting a tip. You can receive a tip any time during the day.

One thing we make sure of is that you have enough time to place the bet before match starts. Our tip are sent 4 hours down to 2 hours before the kick-off of the match.

How many tips do you send?
During weekdays, we usually send 1 tip per day, and not every day. Over weekends, we send more tips per day. It usually reaches 3 tips per day over the weekend (Friday to Sunday).

There is no exact number of tips. We work on a system to provide you with our promises of 15-25% ROI with 25-35 tips per month.

Usually, our goal is an average of 10 points profit per month.

Do we compensate for losing tips?
We provide you with the best tips with the best ROI that you can find. You will not be able to maintain a better profit from any other betting system.

With all that, we offer the best price criteria. We only charge you for winning tips. If a tip voids or loses, we do not count it. We send you another tip, right away (once a tip is available)

How can I trust your service?
We usually have offers for new clients (They are usually limited time offer).
We also have money back guarantee for new comers, if they do not make a profit by the end of their paid package.
If you cannot find a suitable promotion, send us an email at tipsoffootballwhisperer@gmail.com to request new comer promotion.

For more question:
Please, contact us at tipsoffootballwhisperer@gmail.com


Total Tips Winning Tips % Success Profit ROI
1711 944 55.17% 213.80 12.50%

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